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Key Contacts in Banking & Finance

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TKey Contacts in the Banking & Finance Sector

The Banking Finance Directory contains over 3000 Key Contacts in over 500 Businesses including Banks (Retail/Investment), Building Societies, Brokers, Consumer Finance, Business Finance, Investment Companies.

   A full breakdown of Financial Sectors is available here: BankingFinancelistdetails2016-09-01.xls

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  Managing Directors Chief Executives
  Chairman Business Secretaries (eg in Building Societies)
  Company Secretaries Customer Services Contacts
  Corporate Communications Events Officers
  CSR Contacts Finance Managers and Directors
  Health & Safety Contacts HR Managers and Directors
  In House Legal & General Counsel  Investor Relations
  IT Managers and Directors Pensions Contacts
  Purchasing and Facilities Managers and Directors Risk
  Sales & Marketing Contacts Tax
  Training Contacts Sales and Marketing

For a full breakdown of  Job Titles & Functions click here: BankingFinancelistdetails2016-09-01.xls

Details include: Name and Address of Business, Telephone, Sector, Name and Job Function of Executive Contact.
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